Friday, 28 February 2014

Favorite Etsy Finds

Here's a total mash up of lovely things, brought to you by the magic of Etsy. I'll list prices in dollars but most shops ship worldwide.

Top row:
Phone Case ($10) - Overcase Shop // This shop is just full of gorgeousness (for all kinds of phones).
Upcycled Leather Ballet Flats ($85) - The White Ribbon // Again, you need to check out the whole shop. 
Ceramic Vase ($34) - Pottery Lodge // A thoroughly cute place for plants to come to my house and die.
Skull Print ($18+) - The Wheatfield // I imagine you're all already in love with Katie Daisy but I especially love this one because it reminds me of Pilsen (still missing Chicago).
Bottom row:
Peel & Stick Fabric Wallpaper ($40) - AccentuWall // Another shop with a lot of pretty finds in, and totally renter-friendly.
Cat Lady for Life Temporary Tattoos ($5) - Emily McDowell // Admittedly I'm not a cat lady, but these are hilarious and they remind me of one of my BFFs in Chicago.
Wood & Brass Necklace ($48) - Rebecca Gladstone // My birthday's in ten weeks. Just saying.
Porcelain Cloud ($39) - Stepanka // How lovely would a group of these be in a nursery? They come in gold too.

Top row:
Viking Hat ($25) - Sebastian has a similar hat and it's awesome.
Chicago Skyline Watercolor ($30) - another of my BFFs has a decal similar to this, but I love the print too.
Vase ($72)  - The Object Enthusiast // So pretty.
Phone Case ($35) - Yellena James // I love everything this talented lady does.
Bottom row:
Vatican Print ($14) - Laura Amiss // Another of my favourite Etsy shops - she has loads of colourful cityscapes.
Russian Dolls ($95) - Sketch Inc // Pricey but so cute.
Necklace ($59) - Kei Jewelry // I mentioned my birthday, right?
Angry Cat Print (no longer available) - This is my daughter, in cat form (she is fully embracing the terrible twos, and wears rabbit ears rather frequently). 


  1. So many great things Lizzie. I'm loving those ballet flats and that skull print!

  2. Um, I'm not sure who you could be talking about...I only have 4 cats now! That's practically SANE! But that print is adorable and speaks to me for some reason ;) Also, please move back to Chicago now. We are living much less pretty without you!