Monday, October 27, 2014

We're in London, baby!

Meet our new house!
It's a lovely late-1800s terraced cottage in South West London. We chose it mainly for the location - it's awesome. Minutes walk to parks, coffee shops, the Thames, good schools and great running routes. After a year of almost two hours driving every day just to do school runs, I am so looking forward to walking again. And it's close to J's current work, so his commute will go from 90 minutes to ten.

Of course, there are trade-offs. As pretty as it is outside, the layout inside is a little bit awkward. It's slightly smaller than our current house, and it's more expensive. It also has literally no storage other than a few kitchen cabinets, so there will be some creative organising in my imminent future.

Here's a little tour (all photos from the listing)...

The ground floor is all open plan, with a lovely non-working original fireplace and nice wooden floors.
The kitchen opens to a teeny but cute garden.
The master is actually bigger than our current bedroom, but it has two weird built-in boxes that complicate the floor plan (you can see one below). They basically stop us putting the bed on the obvious wall, but I have a plan for that.
Opposite the master is Eleanor's lovely, bright little bedroom.
And up another flight of stairs is Sebastian's room. It was billed as the master, because it has an en suite shower room, but although it's pretty big, it's too narrow to fit a double bed. Eventually I'd like to have the kids share up here, and convert the little bedroom to an office/guest room.
It's basically just a bunch of magnolia boxes at the moment, as you can see. We aren't allowed to paint, but I have lots of plans for injecting colour in other ways, and I'll share design boards for each room soon.

If you've been following for a while, you'll know that this is our fourth home since I started this blog. This time, though, there are no more moves planned. Eventually, we want to buy somewhere, but I think it'll be a few years before that happens. I am beyond excited to get settled, and start decorating!

Monday, October 20, 2014

Gift Guide: Kids

Check me out - I'm being organised about Christmas this year! Or starting to think about being organised, anyway.

Here are a few gift ideas for those of shorter stature. My kids are five and two, so admittedly it's geared more toward the younger crowd, but most of these are things that my weeny ones personally own and love, and I'd say they're pretty discerning.
1. Stomp rocket - hours of endless, mildly violent fun. Handy tip: don't let them aim it at the roof.
2. Binoculars - for all your bird watching/espionage needs.
3. Dressing gowns - with bear ears!
4. Play kitchen and accessories - a play kitchen that's not pink and utensils that are food safe. Eleanor would love these...if only we had space.
5. Moon in my room - this remote-controlled nightlight cycles through twelve different lunar phases, and Sebastian is a big fan of all things space and science related.
6. Hair ties - with glitter, obviously.
7. Jazz shoes - or "pretty shoes," as Eleanor calls hers.
8. Bear paw slippers - again with the bear thing.
9. Back packs - for kids who like putting things in things. Which, in my experience, is all of them.
10. Jackets - under a tenner!
11. Tights - non-slip soles, unisex and super cute.
12. Glow in the solar system - these are on Sebastian's wish list - way more fun than 2D.
13. Calm Down, Boris - Sebastian couldn't breathe for all the giggles this puppet book created. Eleanor was terrified, so I suppose it can go either way.
14. Snood - Miss E is very into her accessories at the moment. She needs more of her own so she stops stealing mine.
15. Quadro Activity Play Center - I spent months of my childhood playing with mine and fully intend to force encourage my kids to love it too.
16. Pride and Prejudice - counting eligible gentlemen and pretty frocks.
17. Makedo Freeplay Kit - clips and hinges to build robots or whatever else you can think of out of rubbish. Super fun.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Design Board: A Rustic Modern Living Room

Basket // Chairs // Leather Rug // Drawers

I'm rather liking all the natural elements in today's mood board, and yet I don't think it feels too woodsy. I'm on the hunt for a new sofa, I only wish that one came as a sofa bed. And those chairs are killer, although they're from a flash sale site so probably hard to get your hands on.

On a separate note, we're moving again, and soon! I'm very excited - I'll spill the beans as soon as I can. :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Feminine Master Bedroom

Lamp // Bed // Chair // Frame

There are a few really budget-friendly pieces in this mood board (that rug is £15!), paired with a few splurges. I'm all for soothing bedroom spaces, but I love the punch that the gorgeous painting adds (by Michelle Armas).

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On the hunt: Coffee Tables

We've been without a coffee table since we sold our steamer trunk table, almost a year ago. It'll probably be another few months (and hopefully a new house) before we actually shell out for a new one, but that hasn't stopped me browsing...
Industrial table - £650 (Trade Furniture) // Round lattice table - £880 (OKA) //
Storage table - £345 (Loaf) // Dollshouse table - £725 (Not on the High Street) //
Round trunk table - £190 (Trade Furniture) // Gold table set - £130 (Zara Home) //
Storage table - £450-£600 (West Elm) // Glass table - £370 (Not on the High Street) //
Venetian table - £436 (Trade Furniture) // Steamer trunk - £1350 (John Lewis) 

Of course, my favorite is the steamer trunk - it's very similar to our old one but smaller - and it's also the most expensive. Like, crazy expensive. I did score an awesome headboard on eBay the other day for a proper bargain though, so I am keeping my eyes peeled for a coffee table there too.
{Listing photo}
It's pretty similar to the Serena and Lily one below, which I've been coveting for a while, but it was £20 instead of $500. And I'm pretty sure mine is straight from the seventies (I'm picking it up from the seller's grandma), so way more authentic. ;) It's going in Eleanor's room, and so far I'm thinking I'll keep it natural. 
Hooray for eBay scores!